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Higher Throughtput and Control
Wider Temperature Range
Intelligent Software
Greater Chemistry Capability



H-Cube Pro  


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ThalesNano Inc


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Introducing the
H-Cube Pro...

And the Chance to Win an iPad2!


H-Cube Pro 

ThalesNano Inc. 

ThalesNano are celebrating the launch of our brand new H-Cube Pro - by offering you the chance to Win An Apple iPad2! Launched at this year's Spring ACS in Anaheim, CA, the H-Cube Pro improves dramatically on our already market leading flow reactor, the H-Cube, by offering greater hydrogen production for higher throughput, wider temperature capability including - for the first time -  active cooling and graphical, real time reaction monitoring and method storage. In addition to expanding upon the range and throughput of hydrogenation reactions, the H-Cube Pro is also completely forward-compatible with several upcoming low cost reactor modules to expand the chemistry capabilities still further. 

Higher Throughput and Control

H-Cube Pro


The H-Cube Pro contains two cells to generate up to 60 mL/min of hydrogen. Now reactants can be hydrogenated at up to 2.0 M in concentration with a 70 mm CatCart. Users may vary the amount of hydrogen produced at each pressure level between 0 and 60 mL/min offering greater reaction control.

Wider Temperature Range

H-Cube Pro



Temperature may now be varied from 10-150°C, instead of only 25-100°C, offering greater selectivity at lower temperatures and the ability to perform more difficult reactions at higher temperatures.

Intelligent Software With Walk Away Functionality!

The H-Cube Pro's graphical interface is now even easier to use and more powerful. Reaction parameters may be followed in real time and the data exported at the end of the reaction. The software also has a timer function where users can set the duration of the reaction. The software will use the inlet and outlet valves to automatically equilibrate the system, run the reaction, and then rinse the lines with solvent.


Greater Chemistry Capability

The H-Cube Pro will be forward compatible with other low-cost reactor modules to give chemists chemistry capabilities beyond hydrogenation. High temperature liquid reactions or other gases will soon be possible on the H-Cube Pro.
If you have any questions please contact us at flowchemistry@thalesnano.com

Check out our upcoming newsletter for detailed chemistry examples performed on the H-Cube Pro  

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