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In This Issue
H-Cube Pro Chemistries - Sugar and Dinitro Reductions
Catalyst Controlled Selectivity
Metathesis Reaction Using Flow
China Awards Patent To the O-Cube

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Dear Colleague, 


Welcome to the May edition of the ThalesNano Newsletter!


In this edition we will focus on the following topics: 

  • H-Cube Pro chemistries: reduction of D-Glucose and 2,4-dinitroanisole
  • Product selectivity driven by catalyst in hydrogenation reaction
  • Metathesis reaction using continuous flow technology
  • China Awards Patent To Revolutionary Lab Ozonolysis System, the O-Cube

H-Cube Pro Chemistries
Advantage of Using High Temperature in Hydrogenation 

Glucose Reduction 

In comparison with the H-Cube the H-Cube Pro is capable of performing reactions up to 150°C, which resulted in higher purity of product (96%) in the reduction of D-Glucose. Also, more highly concentrated starting material could be used, alowing significantly higher throughput than is possible with the H-Cube. 


For more information please click here.


Advantage of Higher Hydrogen Production


Dinitro reduction

With the increased hydrogen production, reduction of 2,4-dinitroanisole was achieved with 2.8 times increased throughput in the H-Cube Pro over the H-Cube.


For more information please click here.

Catalyst Controlled Selectivity

Selective reduction of double bond in the presence of nitrile group

Double bond - Nitril reduction 

Tarleton and McCluskey from University of Newcastle have recently published an article on flow synthesis of novel protein phosphatase 1 and 2A inhibitors with involved the above reduction step. They found while performing the above reaction that product selectivity depends on the catalyst used, then detailed the optimization of RaNi catalyzed hydrogenation of various starting materials in the H-Cube resulting the desired products with 100 % isolated yield.


For more information please click here.

Metathesis Reaction

Ruthenium-catalyzed Metathesis Reaction in Flow 

Metathesis Reaction  
Ring closing metathesis reaction of diethyl allyl malonate was investigated using the X-Cube continuous flow reactor in the presence of an immobilized Ru-catalyst which showed only a slight decrease in activity after 6 hours reaction time.
For more information please click here.

China Awards Patent To the O-Cube

Revolutionary Lab Ozonolysis System, the O-Cube


ThalesNano today reported that the China Patent and Trademark Office (CPO) has granted a patent for its flow ozonolysis instrument, the O-Cube™, including several aspects of its proprietary underlying technology.
For more information please click here
If you have any question regarding chemistry please contact us at askthechemist@thalesnano.com.
Best Regards,

Richard Jones 
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