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제     목 Microdrop Technologies GmbH/Germany 사와 독점 대리점권 계약체결
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Microdrop Technologies GmbH/Germany 사와 독점 대리점권 계약체결


제품 - picoliter 에서 microliter 범위의 fiuide 를 microdispensing, Inkjet printing 방식으로

         정확하고 정밀하게 분주 할 수 있는 최첨단 Dispenser.


응용 - lubrication of small bearings

       - printing of nano inks (Ag, Au, ITO, TiO2, etc.) and conductive adhesives

       - production of sensor and diagnostic chips

       - dispensing of waxes and hot melts

       - polymer research

       - assembly of loudspeakers / micro bonding

       - aircraft production / minimal lubrication

       - mounting of microlenses and optical fibres

       - Assembly of glass fiber connectors

       - meteorology research / particle size calibration

       - printing of DNA, proteins, enzymes and cells


홈페이지 www.microdrop.de



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